• What I Do

    Restrictions inside the skull have a powerful impact on the rest of the body. A Biocranial Treatment leaves you feeling relaxed, shifting you to the part of your nervous system where you rest and heal. It can address deeper dysfunctions of your body, including musculoskeletal misalignment that might be causing pain.


    Biocranial system focuses on disorders of the body's Master System that is in control of all other bodily functions and may affect our bodies on the deep cellular level, improving the basic physiological processes that influence DNA repair.


    I have over twenty years of practicing chiropractic successfully and decades of learning from healers worldwide who were all too generous in sharing their gifts of state of the art and ancient teachings.



    Traumatic brain injury, football related brain injury, headache, post concussive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, degenerative changes, injury related dysfunction to the spine such as whiplash and disc bulge/herniation, post surgery pain, neck and back pain, low-back pain. Other related symptoms addressed are brain fog, fatigue or feeling stressed.


    My experience is that the physical body and spirit body (chakras) overlay one another, and when both are in alignment they light up and the healing takes place. We are in a time now where we have access to the most advanced healing technologies, medicines and healers: healers of the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It is my heartfelt wish that we all take advantage of the gifts that are here and the healers that are available to help us along so that we all live long, happy, love filled lives.


  • "Healing is my passion!"

    When I was 19 years old my beloved mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This set the course of my life, to explore the physical and multidimensional realms of healership. The work is hands on and I enjoy assisting people through their physical as well as personal processes.


  • Areas of Practice


    Bio Cranial Therapy allows release of fluid that circulates throughout the brain and spinal cord, this circulation is needed for blood flow and also to cushion the brain.


    Due to a nice squeeze to the pituitary (the master gland), symptoms relating to immune/autoimmune, hormonal and endocrine are helped; this is why some people report relief from fibromyalgia, allergies, and digestion issues, etc.



    The relationship of a person to his/her environment is dependent upon a clear, flexible nervous system. The individual who’s nervous system is clear of interference has a more effective connection between his or her emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.


    I practice many models of Chiropractic, from gentle, light force to the more well known traditional techniques you may have experienced.


    Other Specialities

    In compliment to the work that I do, I sometimes use, essential oils, laser technology, yogic techniques, breath, energy healing, intuition and psychic wisdom to facilitate healing.


    Reike Energy Medicine, 2nd Degree


    Kundalini Yoga Instructor - as Taught by Yogi Bhajan


    Certified Breathwork Facilitator - International Breath Institute.


    Matrix Energetics - Whizards Training Course (Level 3)




    Bio Cranial System, Achievement in Excellence - CDS Institute


    Doctor of Chiropractic, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Awarded Outstanding Proficiency in Clinical Practice


    Network Spinal Analysis, Advanced Level Intensive - Innate Intelligence


    Liberal Arts Degree - MSAC


    Graduate of Sawyer Business College



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    1918 Pine Street, Boulder, CO 80302
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